Top Ten – January 6th, ’16

I present a music video of my top ten favourite movies that have continuously inspired me.

Five Years of Outtakes and Behind the Scenes – December 15th, ’15

Five years in the making, I present a half hour of outtakes and behind the scenes from various videos new and old!

Look Closer: Godzilla – June 28th, ’15

Episode 1 and debut of my film and media analysis series, Look Closer, in which I discuss 2014’s Godzilla.

Gravity Falls Promo – June 11th, ’15

I present a new video! My promo for the fantastic TV show, Gravity Falls.

Journey into James – April 15th, ’15

I present a new video! A “best of” compilation dedicated to my dear friend, James Madala. Enjoy his presence.

I’m coming back… – February 16th, ’15

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.11.36 AM

Happy 9th anniversary, JamCam Productions. Here’s to more

Battle Royale – April 17th, ’14

 I present a new video! There are times during my life when I start thinking of a movie. Then I start thinking of music. Then I start thinking of both. Then I start editing and losing sleep. And in the end, I create things like this.